Life in the small NSW coastal fishing town of Coollawarra is disrupted when former football hero and local larrikin Eddie ‘Mullet’ Maloney returns to face everything that he walked out on three years ago.

At first, things seem to be just as Mullet left them. His dad Col is still coaching the local footy team and ‘happily’ not speaking to his mum, Gwen, who is just as ‘happy’. His older brother Pete is still the incorruptible local cop, still the all-round nice guy who Mullet thought was bound to finish last. Kay still serves beers down the pub, and still looks for love
in all the wrong places, trying to extinguish that torch she still carries for Mullet. And the old row boat is just where Mullet left it, by the river near the old caravan.

However Mullet quickly discovers that all is not the same and people have moved on. Especially his old flame, Tully, the feisty young woman he walked out on three years ago and who is now married. Slowly trouble starts to mount. Mullet turns on his mates, estranges his parents and takes the daring step of calling on Tully, placing doubt in her mind about her marriage.


A good old Aussie BBQ - beers and burnt meat. If everyone can all act 'nice and normal' everything will be fine...

MULLET is a disarmingly honest new Australian comedy/drama, a sometimes painful, often funny look at love, family and relationships.

Its universal story of the search for a place to belong, and is told with a winning charm, a knockabout Australian sense of humour and a bit of singing.