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The Sapphire Room
  • 1997

    35mm Colour

    15 minutes




    Cabaret legend as 'Sweet' Peter
    Infamous filmmaker/actor as M.C Ken
    One time resident chef, on Variety Italian Style, as 'the big man' Mr. Fox
    Star of stage and screen
    as the Voice of the Sapphire Room
    Performers Brazilian Latin Dance Company
    Pearls of Polynesia
    The Russian Cossacks
    The Indian Legend
    Castanuelas Flamenco Troupe
    The Amazing Miss Jerry Liu
    Master Chan's Lion Dancers
    Yao Zu Fu
    Monkey Man!
    Steven Xu of the Peking Opera Ghassan Barakat and Elie Adam
    Winston and Stix, The Bavarian Slap Dancers
    Yumi Umiumare and Satsuki Odamura



    Sean O'Brien



    Vincent Sheehan


    Narration written by

    Rowan Woods


    Lighting, Editing & Sound

    Nick Meyers



    Sean O'Brien
    Simon Von Wolkenstein
    Tristan Milani


    Stage and Title Design

    Robert Herbert
  • Developed in association with

    Australian Film Commision


    World Sales

    Porchlight Films


"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome, welcome to the world famous Sapphire Room, the home of sophisticated cabaret entertainment right here in the heart of Kings Cross."

A portrait of the twilight world of the Sapphire Room, the last of Sydney's legendary cabaret nightclubs. The film blends candid footage of local "exotic" cabaret artists with a dramatic plot which follows the characters and actions over one eventful night at the club.


St. Kilda, Melbourne


Edinburgh, Scotland


Montreal, Canada


Australian International Film Festival


Mennheim, Germany


London, England


Modolist - Kyiv, Ukraine


Flickerfest, Bondi Australia


Rotterdam, Netherlands


Edge of the World Film Festival, Hobart


Phillip Island Film Festival


Hamburg, Germany


Australian Traveling Film Festival


Winner 'Best Australian Short Film' Australian Film Critics Circle awards 1998


Finalist 'Dendy Awards' Sydney Film Festival 1997


Winner 'Director's Encouragement Award' St. Kilda Film Festival 1997


Winner 'Best Director' Australian International Film Festival 1997


Winner 'Best Sound Design' Edge of the World Film Festival 1998 Sydney, Australia