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Delivery Day
  • 2000

    Digital Video

    26 minutes




    Deborah Lee
    Jazz Ly
    Kerry Walker
    Nguyen Thi
    Ngoc Hien
    Hieu Phan



    Jane Manning



    Khoa Do



    Liz Watts


  • World Sales

    Hypnotic Inc.
    80 South Street
    New York, NY 10038
    Nicolas Karlson
    212-809 3202
    212-809 3209


    Australian Distributor

    Ronin Films


  • Theatrical Release

    15 June 2001
    broadcast SBS Television


Delivery Day is an insight into the world of Vietnamese Australian migrants which explores both generations of the migrant experience through the eyes of a young girl.


Clermont Ferrand International Film Festival 2001 - World premiere


Sao Paolo International Film Festival 2001


St Kilda Film Festival 2001


Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival 2001


Berlin International Film Festival 2002


Festival Internazionale del Film Locarno 2002


Best Short Film over 15mins, Palm Springs International Film Festival 2001


Nominated Best Screenplay & Best Short AFI Awards 2001


Nominated Best Short Film IF Awards 2001


Winner, Special Mention International Jury of the Kinderfilmfest, Short Film category


Winner, Special Mention Crystal Bear Awards Short Film category


Berlin International Film Festival Feb 2002


Winner, Golden Little Leopard


Festival Internazionale del Film Locarno 2002