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  • 2001

    35mm colour

    90 minutes




    Ben Mendelsohn
    Susie Porter
    Andrew S. Gilbert
    Belinda McClory



    David Caesar



    Vincent Sheehan


  • Distributor Australasia

    Jetty Distribution


    Official Website


  • Theatrical Release

    28 June 2001
    Australian National Release


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    Mullet is available on DVD from Jetty Distribution


"Mullet is about a sweet fish that no-one wants to eat. It's about wild card Eddie Maloney, whose nickname is Mullet. And it's about life in a sleepy country fishing town. But most of all, its about life, family, making do with what you've got and how to get what you want. David Caesar's Mullet is a simply an outstanding Australian film that shouldn't be missed". Louise Keller, Urban Cinefile


Shanghai International Film Festival 2002 - Official selection


Winner Best Director Shanghai International Film Festival.


Nominated for 5 AFI awards


Australian Writers Guild Awards 2001 - Winner best script


Australian Screen Critics Circle Award - Winner Best supporting Actor - Andrew Gilbert


Australian Screen Critics Circle Award - Best Original Screenplay - David Caesar