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Walking on Water
  • 2002

    35mm Colour

    90 minutes




    Vince Colosimo
    Maria Theodorakis
    Nathaniel Dean
    Judi Farr
    Nicholas Bishop
    AnnaLise Phillips
    Daniel Roberts
    David Bonney



    Tony Ayres



    Roger Monk



    Liz Watts


  • Sales Agent

    Fortissimo Films


    Distributor Australasia

    Icon Film Distribution Australia


  • Theatrical Release

    August 2002
    Dendy Cinemas


    Where To Buy

    DVD available through
    Madman Entertainment


A film about good friends and bad behaviour. Charlie and Anna make a pact to assist their terminally ill friend Gavin to die. This traumatic event is the catalyst for an emotional rollercoaster ride for both friends and family. From illicit affairs and left over morphine, to devastating accusations and unwitting betrayals, Walking on Water is a refreshingly unsentimental film about friendship, loss, loyalty and love.


Berlin International Film Festival 2002 - World premiere, official selection


Adelaide Festival of Arts - Australian premiere


Winner, Teddy Award for the Best Feature Film Berlin International Film Festival 2002


Winner, The Reader's Prize of the Siegessaule, Berlin International Film Festival 2002


Winner - 2 Film Critic's Circle of Australia awards - Best Original Screenplay and Best Lead Actress


Winner -IF Awards - Best Screenplay (6 Nominations)


Winner- 5 AFI Awards - Best Lead Actress, Best Original Screenplay, Best Editing, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, (9 nominations)


FIBRESCI Special Mention, Brisbane International Film Festival August 2002


"41/2 stars...This film is suburb..."
David Stratton, The Movie Show

"Perhaps one of the finest Australian films this year"

Bec Smith, IF Magazine

"4 stars...Not a film to forget...achingly beautiful"

Matt Coyte, Empire Magazine

"Grabs you by the heart"
Paul Byrnes, Sydney Morning Herald

"Colosimo confirms his towering talent...an absorbing essay on the human condition"

Urban Cinefile

"The best Australian film since Lantana"
Mark Adnum, ecritic.com

"Powerfully moving..."
Erin Free, Filmink Magazine