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  • 2005

    35mm Colour

    60 minutes




    Ewen Leslie
    Naomi Wilson
    Saskia Burmeister
    Leah Vandenburg



    Tony Krawitz



    Liz Watts
    Libby Sharp


  • Sales Agent

    Fortissimo Films


    Distributor Australasia

    Jetty Distribution



    Australian Film Commission
    SBS Independent


    Official Website


  • Theatrical Release

    November 2005
    Dendy Cinemas, Sydney and Melbourne


    DVD Release

    November 2006
    Jetty Distribution and Madman


Yuri Kovner is 23 when his father's death triggers his return to the tight-knit Hassidic community of Jewish Sydney. But Yuri is longing not for home, but for intimacy. Something that's forbidden to him within the sheltered community he is struggling to understand. Jewboy is a drama filled with longing, humour and hope about a young man finding his own place in the world.

"a tribute to Australia's vibrant short-film culture and proof that the best universal cinema comes from strong local stories" - Christian Jeune, Un Certain Regard, Cannes selector, May 20, 2005


Cannes Film Festival 2005, official selection 'Un Certain Regard'


Sundance Film Festival 2006, official selection


Winner 3 AFI Awards 2005 for Best Short Film, Screenplay and Cinematography


Winner, Best Short Film, Australian Film Critics Circle Awards 2005