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Little Fish
  • 2005

    35mm Colour

    110 minutes




    Cate Blanchett
    Sam Neill
    Hugo Weaving
    Martin Henderson
    Noni Hazlehurst
    Dustin Nguyen



    Rowan Woods



    Jacquelin Perske



    Vincent Sheehan
    Liz Watts
    Richard Keddie


  • Sales Agent

    Myriad Pictures


    Distributor Australasia

    Icon Film Distribution Australia


    US Distributor

    First Look Studios


    UK Distributor

    Tartan Films



    Film Finance Corporation Australia
    Mullis Capital
    NSW Film & Television Office
    Icon Films
    Myriad Pictures


"If great films are defined by their ability to reveal our own world, then Little Fish succeeds brilliantly. This is the best work from every actor here. Another stupendous performance from Cate Blanchett, she is electrifyingly real. Hugo Weaving is frequently extraordinary, he deserves an award as does Noni Hazlehurst. Sam Neill is effortlessly menacing as usual, and Martin Henderson is equally good as is matured Hollywood television heart-throb, Dustin Nguyen - best known for 21 Jump Street. This impeccably made modern drama is a more subtle but equally memorable film from 'The Boys' director Rowan Woods. A near perfect achievement, a poignant study of Australian life that stays in the memory for weeks afterwards." 9/10 Rob Lowing - The Sun Herald


Melbourne International Film Festival 2005 - world premiere, opening night film


Toronto International Film Festival 2005 - official selection


Winner 5 AFI awards 2005 - Best Actor, Actress, Supporting Actress, Sound and Editing.


Winner 4 IF awards 2005 - Best actor, Actress, Sound and Box Office Achievement.


Winner 3 Film Critics Circle of Australia awards - Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor


"It is the Australian film you have to see ... the first world-class work produced within our borders since Lantana... The performances in Little Fish are uniformly excellent .... This is Cate Blanchett as you have never seen her; going for broke and getting the results that such an instinctively raw approach deserves. The same goes for Hugo Weaving ... subtle intelligence and obvious honesty."
Leigh Paatsch, Herald Sun

"Best film since Lantana"
Frank Hatherley, Screen Daily

"Confrontational, raw and always compelling, Little Fish is a film of rare power and conviction"
Erin Free, The Hollywood Reporter

"A compelling drama...Ms. Blanchett immerses herself completely in her character."
NY Times