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The Record
  • 2015

    1 x 30 Minute Pilot


    Airing late 2015



    Veronica Milsom
    Steen Raskopoulos



    Cate Stewart



    Linda Micsko
    Sylvia Warmer
    Veronica Milsom



    Veronica Milsom
    Steen Raskopoulos


    Executive Producers

    Tanya Phegan, Anita Sheehan, Liz Watts, Vincent Sheehan


    Developed and Produced With

    The Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Screen Australia
The Record is a black comedy written by and starring Veronica Milsom and Steen Raskopoulos. The show observes the relationships between couples who strive to achieve or maintain a world record. The world records these couples are trying to achieve or maintain are: 'Most Children Given Birth To' and 'Fastest Homing Pigeon’.

The Record’s humour is derived from the characters’ unrelenting desperation to be recognised and remembered throughout the history books. For some their record is their greatest achievement, for others, it’s a source of shame.

None of them can deny the profound impact a World Record has had on changing their lives...